Monday, March 7, 2016

Tinipak River

Rizal is now the go-to for people who wants a quick getaway from the city. Tinipak River is located at Tanay, Rizal, in Barangay Daraitan to be exact. A 3-hour drive from Manila and you'll be amazed what Rizal can offer.

This is the wooden bridge to reach the Barangay Daraitan proper. Car fee is P50 upon crossing the bridge. And another P50 for the parking near the barangay hall.

Upon registering and paying P20 at the Barangay Hall of Daraitan, they will provide you with a tour guide. Guides will ask you what are your plans and activities that you'd like to try. For us, we only chose the Tinipak River since it was already late in the afternoon. Guide fee is P500. And from the barangay hall to starting point of the trek is just P15 each person.

The trek is very easy and you can reach the river in just 30-45 minutes. There is just some part where you need to climb a ladder that is very steep. Along the trek, you can already see the river, just follow it.

Cliff jumping and swimming spot

It is more convenient if you bring your own car. You wont experience the bumpy ride at tricycle since the road going to Daraitan is very rough and the tricycle will cost you P500 to P600 one way.

There's a camping station near the river where you can eat and rest before continuing the trek. There's also bathrooms near the barangay hall for you to clean up and it is P20 or ask your guide for other bathroom if it is not available.

And we left before sunset. It is a must see and to experience the clear and cold water of the Tinipak River!

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