Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Fortune Island

White sand beach
This Greece-like island is just in Nasugbu, batangas. There will be resorts that owned by Koreans that offers a boat trip to the island. It cost us Php 3500 but it is good for 10 pax. The boat trip was very bumpy and an hour from the port.

Batangas is always a great idea for a quick adventure. Nasugbu is at least a two-hour drive from Manila so it is always a convenience.

Bumpy ride from Nasugbu Port to Fortune Island
Fortune Island is owned by the former governor of the Batangas, Antonio Leviste. There is so much you can do in the island. You can trek to the lighthouse, visit the Athens-like ruins, enjoy the powdery white sand beach and clear turquoise water, and last but not the list, the cliff jumping!

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