Sunday, June 8, 2014

Todd English Dining Experience

This is the Rigatoni Bolognese, one of the signature pastas of the hall. And the roasted Lamb Chops in yogurt sauce and served with mushroom risotto cake and mint tomato jam.

One of the best dishes at Todd English is the T. E. Half Chicken, brined for 24 hours, with sauteed corn, tomato and edamame served with mango vinaigrette.

Save the best for last! The OMG Chocolate Cake FTW!

Also, Papardelle Pomodoro is one of the best pastas. *no photo

Their flatbread pizza, The Classic looks very simple but you can actually taste all of its flavors, the tomato,mozarella cheese, basil, and the parmesan cheese.*no photo

T. E. Pork Chop's serving is enough for you to share it. It is a two-day brined double boned Frenched chops and served with wilted greens, potato gratin, and demi-glace sause. *no photo

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